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I grew up having an old acoustic dreadnaught guitar around the house. I began playing my fathers guitar around the age of nine years old. I began strumming lefty but upon seeing me with the guitar upside down he simply laughed, flipped it over to its normal right hand position on my lap and showed me an A chord, a D chord and a G chord. I tried for a couple years to build off what he shown me but realizing I had been sneaking into his bedroom and pulling the guitar out from under the bed, he promptly took me down to the music store and set me up with my first acoustic. It was a $100 electric guitar but did the trick. I began taking lessons at Pacific music in Redmond, WA at the age of 12 learning as many Black Sabbath riffs as I could, and later expanding to different musical styles and studying under different instructors. I started my first band in the 9th grade and started playing all ages shows at various teen centers in Redmond, Bellevue, and Kirkland, in addition to couple of backyard concerts at our drummers’ house. When that band had run its course I had formed another rock n roll band with some classmates in high school. We had kept this one going for a few years during and after we had all graduated high school. During my senior year at the age of 17 I began interning at The Old Redmond Firehouse. I did a live sound internship for two years helping out with Friday night shows. I had also taken on an internship with The Old Redmond Firehouse’s in house recording studio, here I learned about general signal flow, microphone placement, mixing, digital editing, and all about acoustical space. After the internship I had gone on to do some home recording, and even help run live sound on my own at a few smaller basement style gigs. I spent some time down at Emerald City Guitars in Pioneer Square selling mostly vintage and used guitars, amplifiers and effects. I have flipped some vintage instruments on my own, and owned many over the years. This was never a full time gig though I did learn a lot about the vintage market and all the other little odds and ins you would pick up at any music store. I started here at Bellevue American Music in February 2016 and am excited to use my knowledge and experience providing you with the best advice I can.

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